Let Somebody Go Lyrics Coldplay / Selena Gomez

Chinese Translate Lyrics: Let Somebody Go Coldplay / Selena Gomez We had a kind of love I thought that it would never end你我曾持有这份爱 我原以为这感情会至死不渝 Oh my lover oh my other oh my friend噢 我的挚爱 我的同伴 我的友人 We talked around in circles and we talked around and then我们曾拐弯抹角地攀谈 随心所欲 任言语绵延 I loved you to the moon and back again我对你的爱往返皎月 连绵不绝(出自爱尔兰绘本《猜猜我有多爱你》:“月亮到地球,盛不满我对你的爱”) You gave everything … Read more