2.Oak(二月的橡树) Lyrics Guo Cai Jie 郭采洁

Chinese Translation Lyrics: 2.Oak Guo Cai Jie 郭采洁 Parents are the pride of their children父母是他们孩子的荣耀I was called to one hope when I was born我从这样的重任中胜出Possibility,opportunity机会和一切的可能性Those are the air I breathe to live是我赖活的空气You don’t know me你无从认识我You don’t know认不出A discerning heart一颗洞察的心A discerning rock一颗洞察又坚硬的路边的石头Don’t you know how good is a timely word多美好,一句即时如甘霖的话语How good is a timely word一句适切的话语Say, You love … Read more